Defend Your Beer From Enemies

Yes, it’s true. Your favorite beers have enemies in the form of light, temperature and time. In an effort to promote the consumption of fresh beer, we have come up with a defense guide in order to keep your craft beer selections at their best.

#1 Limit Your Light Exposure

Have you ever tasted a “skunked” beer before? Unfortunately, bad beer is a common occurrence due to light exposure. Bad light conditions tend to alter the beer’s flavor and aroma. The best defense is to keep your beer in dark conditions, or in a cardboard box or cooler if outside. The less light your beer sees, the better.

#2 Be Mindful of Temps

As you may know, temperatures play a big part when it comes to maintaining the flavors of your beer. We recommend storing your brews in a cold setting that is anywhere from 35-45 degrees. This will help keep your beers as fresh as possible for an extended amount of time. If you can’t give your beers a consistent cold storage option, be sure to go through it quickly.

#3 Drink Within Recommended Times

IPA’s, American Barleywines and Wheat Beers are not meant to be stored. Although you may think it allows your beer time to develop, they are meant to be served fresh. Oxidation is a process that happens over time, and will eventually change the flavor of your beer leaving it with a stale taste.

How do you avoid oxidation? If your craft beer has a recommended “drink date”, don’t take it as a suggestion, it is recommended for a reason. If there is no recommended “drink by date” present on the label, give it no longer than 3 months.

Now that you have a guide to the best beer defense, you should know a few things about getting the freshest beer on tap and in-store. When it comes to grabbing a draft beer at a bar, keep in mind that beer is brought in from all over. This might mean that the kegs were filled weeks ago and has been traveling ever since. If you order a beer from a local brewery, there is a better chance of it being a fresh batch due to its’ close distribution circuit.

When it comes to buying your beers in-store, we always recommend heading over to the cold case. As you know temps can wreak havoc on particular styles of beer, so if you can avoid grabbing a room temp six-pack, do it.

There is nothing like a fresh tasting beer. We hope with this defense guide you can not only defend your brews against flavor altering elements, but can pick up the freshest beers in-store or on tap!

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