How to Have the Best Craft Beer Party

How to Have the Best Craft Beer Party

Everyone loves a good party, and there’s no better reason to throw one than to celebrate all of your favorite craft beers in one go! Invite all of your beer enthusiast friends and let’s get you started on decorations, games, and more to have the best party you can have.

Artificial Hops Garland

What’s a good craft beer without the thing that makes it hoppy as can be? The hops of course! From Mosaic to Citra Hops, there are all different kinds that make the beer the flawless drink it is. Of course, this means that you have to pay homage to them! 

This Artifical Hops Garland has got you covered, as they describe it, “Looking as if they have just been cut from a Kentish hop garden, these attractive trailing spikes add a fresh, naturally green ambiance.” It’s the perfect decoration for your sure-to-be ‘hopping’ party. Who needs streamers when you have this? 

Cheers Banner

A party isn’t complete without the hanging decorations, it’s what draws everyone’s attention! And you don’t even have to buy it, because you can DIY it! Follow different tutorials on how to create your own paper banners with just some scissors, glue, different colored paper, or even printed icons! We love the idea of Lia Griffith’s Cheers Banner but of course, you can find the one that fits your theme! 

Inflatable Beer Mug

If you really want to go all out, you could even purchase this 10 Foot Tall Inflatable Beer Mug, that will surely grab the attention of all your neighbors and your friends trying to find the party. 
And last but not least, you’ll need your favorites stocked up for the party! You can’t have a party celebrating them without these brews in attendance! We’ve got you covered, you can find all of your favorites with our Locator here: Let us know your favorites in the comments down below and maybe send us an invite too? (You don’t have to…but that’d be cool.)