Wicked Weed Brewing

It all started with Luke and Walt Dickinson, who sat down with their friend Ryan Guthy and his parents Rick and Denise “at the Guthy’s house in the mountains of Western North Carolina to taste Luke and Walt’s creations while discussing ideas and strategies for what would become Wicked Weed Brewing.” After the idea started in 2009 between the brothers, they began brewing their business plan, and that’s where they started in 2011 with the Guthy’s, and after tasting the test brews, research, and “soul-searching” they came together to start the company.

Starting their journey at their new home for their brewery at 91 Biltmore Avenue, a former hardware store. After a few years, Anheuser-Busch became a partner of Wicked Weed Brewing but worry not, “Wicked Weed’s original founders enjoy the same independent freedom and control over their recipes and brand development they’ve had since being founded in 2012.”

Wicked Weed is “focused on drinkability and boundary-pushing recipes. Wicked Weed Brewing will always evolve, always grow, and always aspire to be better.” Another interesting aspect of their brews is their unique branding and designs of their bottles and cans. Find a few of them, such as Lieutenant Dank and Reccurant today: bsyl.ink/locator