Welcome Berkshire Brewing Company

Let’s give a warm welcome to the Berkshire Brewing Co. as they join the McLaughlin & Moran family!

Founded in the fall of 1994, Berkshire Brewing Company started in South Deerfield, MA. Their founders “shared a single purpose: to revive a time-honored tradition of high-quality craft brewing in this part of the region.”

Through the people of New England and beyond, whether it be “by word of mouth,” Berkshire’s ales became a success throughout its twenty years of business. Growing from a small microbrewery, that was brewing only seven

barrels at a time to now being “New England’s premier regional craft brewery.”

They distribute a wide range of ales and lagers to locations across the New England area. We’re proud to welcome their brews, such as their Lost Sailor IPA, a “classic British-inspired IPA boasts a well-rounded malt profile, complex floral and citrus aromas, and generous Goldings dry hopping.”

Along with Lost Sailor IPA, comes Cabin Fever, Coffeehouse Porter, Shabadoo, and more.  

Learn more about them here: www.berkshire-brewing.com

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