DIY Ideas for Old Beer Cans/Bottles

Recycling is great for the planet but instead of throwing your beer bottles and cans into the recycle bin, why not try out a few DIY crafts instead?

#1 Beer Bottle Vases

We know you definitely have a few bottles lying around after cracking open a good case!Make sure to save them for this DIY tip. Wash out the bottles thoroughly, grab your favorite colored paints, and some painters’ tape! Place the tape around the bottle to create unique designs. Paint around the tape in one solid color. or even try multiple colors in different spots around the bottle! Next time you’re given flowers or you buy for your home, place them in your beautifully crafted Beer Bottle Vases! (No one will even know!)

#2 Beer Can Candles

This one might be a bit more difficult for the beginner DIY crafters but it’s a nifty project that will make for the perfect conversation starter. We recommend finding your favorite scent and picking out a great DIY article specifically for this!

(Or if you’re not ready for this just yet, head over to SpindriftSoapCo’s Etsy Shop where she sells candles made out of Grey Sail Brewing Beer Cans!

#3 Beer Can Succulent Holders

Grab your favorite succulent, plant food, and some rocks to place on the bottom and you’ll have a succulent holder in no time! Just cut off the top of the beer can and sand it down (be careful with this part and make sure you do this with supervision from a friend or family member.) You can even paint the can as well, but there’s no need for it if you want to represent your favorite brewery! Succulents are the new trend lately and with your leftover beer cans, you can start to grow your own!

We love DIY Crafts and Beer, these two things go hand-in-hand with these DIY Tips. Let us know in the comments below what tips you’ll try out and if you’d like to see more of these blog posts in the future! And don’t forget to find your favorite brews using our Locator.