Common Misconceptions About Beer

When you think of beer, you may have all of these ‘facts’ listed in your brain that come up to list off to your friends. But are all of your facts really true? We have a list of Common Misconceptions About Beer, that will have all of your friends wanting to hear more and believing that you’re a beer enthusiast. 

Beer is Simple

Now, this just isn’t true! There is a lot that comes into play in the brewing process, including the steps, ingredients, and final creation of the product. When the brewery creates the idea of their beer, they decide what types of hops they’re going to use, what flavors they want to incorporate, the type of malt they’re going to use, and even the amount of yeast! 

There’s more than just the color that comes with brewing a refreshing beer. They’ll decide if they’ll be incorporating real ingredients, such as coffee beans, or even notes of different types of fruits! There are several different types of hops to choose from too, because there isn’t just one sole hop that goes into every beer, which can be Hallertau, Apollo, Chinook, and so many more! And don’t get us started on the different types of malt they could use!

Beer is Meant to be Ice Cold

Another myth that is very common to hear. Your beer is actually going to be tasteless if you serve it too cold. Don’t you want to taste your beer? According to Business Insider, “Serving temperature varies by style…Pilsners and IPAs are usually served around 40-44° F, while heavier styles are usually served around 55° F.” 

How do you serve or drink your beer? Are you tasting the true potential of your favorite brew? 

Beer and the Beer Belly

Of course, we’ve all heard this one before! Remember, anything in excess and filled with calories will contribute to weight gain, but as MentalFloss writes, “beer is hardly the most calorie-laden drink you’ll find in a bar. Much of the flack beer gets goes back to the fallacy that beer is heavy.” 

Different beers and their respective styles will be different in calories, and that includes the amount of sugar that goes into each brew’s list of ingredients. This just illustrates that you shouldn’t believe everything you hear, without doing the proper research.

Now that you’ve figured out the real facts, we’ve got you covered with your favorite brews, you can find all of them with our locator here:

The Best Social Media Accounts in the Brewing Industry You Should Follow

The aesthetic is a big part of a brewery’s brand because someone is more likely to follow your account which in turn means that they’re more likely to get your brand out there and get people buying your brews! We have a few favorites of our own and can’t help but always resharing them on our own account, which you should absolutely follow. Wink. Wink:

Founders Brewing

Founders Brewing has their branding down to an exact science. Beautiful photographs of their brews, and not just of their single product! They make gorgeous layouts and set them up in scenes with fun backgrounds. Recently they rebranded and made their new slogan “Chase your What If,” which coincides perfectly with their whole story of how their story began with a dream, “If you’re going to live life, you ought to live it hard, without regrets.”

What’s your favorite photo from their Instagram account? 

Virtue Cider

Virtue Cider, founded in 2011 by Gregory Hall provides people with delicious ciders, made the traditional way, where they hand-press their apples and use 100% Michigan apples from local farmers.

Classy. Warm. Friendly. That’s Virtue Cider’s Instagram Layout. You automatically feel at home when you browse through their feed. You get the sense of community and dedication that they put into their brews. It’s almost as if they poured their heart and soul into these photos and designs.

If you want to learn more about Virtue Cider and their backstory, you can check out our blog here:

Heavy Seas Beer

“Fearless. Bold. Independent.” Just like their Brewery, Heavy Seas Beer’s Instagram Layout is on point. With their brightly colored can and bottle designs, it pops as you browse through their feed and you find yourself drawn to it. They do a wonderful job at keeping their layout fun and bold, while still showcasing their products without being too ‘in your face’ about it.

One of our favorite photos is their 4th of July post, where they staged their brews with sparklers right behind them, giving it some true character. Heavy Seas Beer sure knows how to turn heads, with their brews and their style.

Find their brews and all of your other favorites because we’ve got you covered with our Locator here:

Fall-Themed Beer Decor

The crisp autumn leaves that are soon to come, match the beautiful colors of the ales we drink, and what better way to toast to their honor, than to decorate with Fall Decor with a beer theme in mind? 

What better way to kick off the autumn season than to have a party? Which means it’s time to impress with some great fall decorations. Need something to serve your beer in? Try a carved out pumpkin! It’ll be fun for you, your family and friends or whoever you’ll have participating in this DIY and you’ll be able to say you made it! Or if you’re not looking to get messy with pumpkin seeds and such, you can even buy a Faux Pumpkin Bowl Drink Holder! 

Not only that but once you’ve finished using it as a drink holder, you could even use it for a “candy bowl or planter to enjoy at your Halloween party, on your Thanksgiving table or any other Fall festivity. 

Of course, if you’re having any type of drink, you might need a cup or mug to put it in if you’re not drinking right out of the bottle or can of your favorite brew or wine. Find some copper-colored glasses, mugs, or whatever you use to drink your preferred drink of choice and you’ll match the fall colors perfectly! 

These Moscow Mule Copper Mugs are a perfect fit, and they come with coasters and copper straws to match! No need to worry about the condensation or scratches on your favorite table when you’ve got quality coasters and mugs! 

Last but not least, the smell of your home that wafts through the air is another important aspect to have all set up for your guests and even for your own peace of mind! And if you’re truly a beer lover, you’ll love these candles from Swag Brewery, who sell Beer, Wine, and Whiskey inspired products, such as soap, candy, and of course, their candles! These specific ones come in the scents, “Breakfast Stout”, “Hard Cider” and “Vanilla Porter,” which are very heavenly smells to any brew lover’s senses. And if you’re more of a wine or whiskey connoseuir they also have a mixed pack of a “Hoppy IPA”, “Kentucky Bourbon” and “Vintage Merlot.” They’ve got all the bases covered.

Your friends and family will be begging for all of the details and locations of where you got these amazing ideas from! We hope this helps you with some ideas and inspires you to find your own! We’d love to know how you’re going to decorate this fall. Let us know in the comments down below.
And don’t forget we’ve got your brews covered, you can find all of your favorites with our Locator here:

Brewing Vocabulary

Brewing Vocabulary

The world of brewing can be confusing to navigate if you aren’t fluent in the language. With this list of common terminology, you can impress your friends and understand more about the brews you love!

Additive: enzymes, preservatives, and antioxidants added to a brew to make the shelf life longer. 

Alcohol by weight: Amount of alcohol in beer measured in terms of the percentage weight of alcohol per volume of beer. If a beer is 5% alcohol by weight, there are 5 grams of alcohol per 100 centiliters of beer.

Alcohol by volume: The amount of alcohol in terms of percentage of alcohol per volume of beer.

Ale: Beers brewed with top fermenting yeast strains. The top fermenting yeast perform at warmer temperatures than the yeasts used to brew lager beer, and they produce byproducts that alter the taste and aroma of the finished product. Fruitiness and esters are often part of an ale’s character.

All-Malt: A relatively new term that indicates that a beer is made of exclusively barley malt.

Anaerobic: Without the presence of air, an organism is able to metabolize to ferment the alcohol. 

Barrel: A unit of measurement. In Britain, a barrel is 36 imperial gallons or 1.63 hectoliters. In America, a barrel is 31.5 US gallons or 1.17 hectoliters.

Body: Thickness and mouth-filling property of beer.

Bottle Conditioning: In the bottle, a secondary fermentation process takes place creating complex aromas and flavors.

Bung: The stopper in the hole in a keg or cask that allows for filling and emptying. “Real” beer must use a wooden bung. 

Cask: A barrel-shaped container for beer that is closed. Most are made of metal and come in various sizes. 

Conditioning: A time period where beer is allowed to mature with natural carbonation. Warm conditioning develops complex flavors while cold conditioning gives a clear and round taste to the finished product. 

DMS: The taste and smell of sweet corn resulting from malt. It is caused by the short or weak boiling of wort, slow wort chilling, or bacterial infection. 

Dry-Hopping:  The process of adding hops directly to your fermenter or bright tank (keg).  Dry hopping adds aromas and flavors without adding any bitterness.   

Fermentation: conversion of sugar to ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide through yeast.

Hogshead: Cask holding 54 imperial gallons.

Hops: Herb added to boiling wort or fermenting beer to give a bitter aroma and flavor. 

IBU: International Bitterness units. A system of indicating the hop bitterness in finished beer.

Keg: Equal to a half barrel (15.5 US gallons).

Lager: Beers made with bottom-fermenting yeast strains at lower fermentation temperatures than ales. The colder temperatures prevents the natural production of many byproducts producing a crisper taste. 

Pasteurization: Heating beer from 140-174 degrees Fahrenheit to stabilize it microbiologically. This process can be done in as little as 15-60 seconds, or for as long as over 20 minutes.  

Wort: The solution of grain sugars strained from the mash tun. It goes through four stages: “sweet wort,” brewed wort, fermenting wort, and beer. 

This list is far from comprehensive and there are many, MANY more terms to learn. If you still have questions about a term not described here, take a look at this extensive list: Have fun impressing your friends with your new-found brewer vocabulary!

The Summer Brews You Should Try

The Summer Brews You Should Try

Summer is almost over…we know, we can’t believe it either. But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep celebrating until it is! Which means you’ll need a good cold drink to cool you down in the summer heat, and we’ve got a few favorites of ours that will do just that.  


Our newest addition to our inventory is Sprig! Light, refreshing and CBD infused, each of their “CBD beverages is crafted with 20mg of the highest quality, all-natural CBD, derived from agricultural hemp. Sprig  CBD is ideal for healthy, active individuals.” Not only that, but they offer some great flavors! The flavors we distribute currently are Citrus Original, Citrus Zero Sugar, Lemon Tea Zero Sugar, and Melon Zero Sugar. 

They even offer a great tip for the perfect summer drink mix, “Create Melon Zero Sugar ice cubes and drop them into your favorite summertime cocktail. You will not be disappointed.” Sounds delicious to us!

Devils Backbone Brewing Company Hibiscus Lemonade

What’s summer without a good fruity beverage and dreams of tropical Hawaiian beaches. Devils Backbone has got you covered with their Hibiscus Lemonade, as they say, 

“There are not a lot of fruited malt beverages out there, but not many are craft. Hibiscus Hard Lemonade changes that. The lemon taste comes from…lemons. Specifically, Meyer lemon juice and lemon zest.” 

We all need a good lemonade and this one just happens to be low calorie too. 

Heavy Seas Beer

Nothing wraps up a good summer like Heavy Seas Beer does. They offer multiple options for the perfect Summer Brew to have. From Americannon to Tropicannon and more, they’ve got the tastes you’re sure to fall in love with, especially on a warm, sunny day at the beach or even your neighbor’s cookout. BYOB, anyone? 

Not only that but if you can’t choose just one flavor for the day, they’ve got their Cannon Crew Can Sampler just for you, “The fearless, longstanding leader. The unbound wanderer. The independent trailblazer. The bold and brash daredevil. The Cannon Crew Sampler,” that includes Loose Cannon, TropiCannon, AmeriCannon and Double Cannon. 

Find all of these brews and more here: 
And of course, as always Drink Responsibly and Never Drink and Drive.

How to Have the Best Craft Beer Party

How to Have the Best Craft Beer Party

Everyone loves a good party, and there’s no better reason to throw one than to celebrate all of your favorite craft beers in one go! Invite all of your beer enthusiast friends and let’s get you started on decorations, games, and more to have the best party you can have.

Artificial Hops Garland

What’s a good craft beer without the thing that makes it hoppy as can be? The hops of course! From Mosaic to Citra Hops, there are all different kinds that make the beer the flawless drink it is. Of course, this means that you have to pay homage to them! 

This Artifical Hops Garland has got you covered, as they describe it, “Looking as if they have just been cut from a Kentish hop garden, these attractive trailing spikes add a fresh, naturally green ambiance.” It’s the perfect decoration for your sure-to-be ‘hopping’ party. Who needs streamers when you have this? 

Cheers Banner

A party isn’t complete without the hanging decorations, it’s what draws everyone’s attention! And you don’t even have to buy it, because you can DIY it! Follow different tutorials on how to create your own paper banners with just some scissors, glue, different colored paper, or even printed icons! We love the idea of Lia Griffith’s Cheers Banner but of course, you can find the one that fits your theme! 

Inflatable Beer Mug

If you really want to go all out, you could even purchase this 10 Foot Tall Inflatable Beer Mug, that will surely grab the attention of all your neighbors and your friends trying to find the party. 
And last but not least, you’ll need your favorites stocked up for the party! You can’t have a party celebrating them without these brews in attendance! We’ve got you covered, you can find all of your favorites with our Locator here: Let us know your favorites in the comments down below and maybe send us an invite too? (You don’t have to…but that’d be cool.) 

How to Craft the Perfect Beer-Themed Wedding

We’re reaching Wedding Season and while you may not think that beer and weddings necessarily go together, we know just how to craft the perfect beer-themed wedding, for you beer lovers out there! If you met at a bar, a brewery, or even fell in love over your similar interests in beer, we know these ideas will make you fall in love all over again.

Have a beautiful ‘Beer Unity Ceremony’, a great idea from @aliciavalenski on Instagram, as she said, “Our officiant @thebowen8r said during the ceremony, “The two beers before you represent you both as individuals — all that you are, all that you have been, and all that you will become. The glass in the center is your marriage. It is the place where you are forever blending your lives together. It’s representative of a new one-ness that will come as you join together as husband and wife. After you pour your separate beers into the glass, I ask that you also share a drink from it, celebrating your marriage and your new life together.” 🍻”

Recycle your favorite beer bottles or cans and turn them into beautiful wedding arrangements for your guests’ tables or even little favors for them to take home and put their own flowers in! (Credit: @josh_adam on Instagram)

Read your ‘hoppy’ vows to each other at the brewery where you met, relishing in the memories of your very first meeting, date or even kiss.

Perhaps even find some amazingly unique wedding accessories such as this Hop Boutonnière or Flower Crown! These beautiful creations are created by WitAndWonderDesigns and you can find them in her Etsy shop!

There are plenty of ideas that will leave you and your guests thirsty for more! And may even inspire countless other weddings who didn’t think it was possible to craft a beer themed wedding so elegant! Let us know in the comments down below if you’ve had or attended a beer themed wedding or even plan to! Find your favorite brews for that special someone using our locator:

The History of Abita Brewing Company

 The History of Abita Brewing Company

The Abita Brewing Company was founded in 1986 in the woods of Louisiana. In the first year, only 1,500 barrels were brewed, but it was the start of something unexpectedly monumental. It didn’t take long for demand to exceed the capacity of the original site, so the company upgraded to a larger location up the road in 1994 while keeping the original site as the 100-seat brewpub. From humble beginnings grew a craft beer company that now produces 151,000 barrels of beer and 9,100 barrels of root beer. Abita Brewing is a company with a rich history and unique values worth appreciating.

The Water

The Abita Brewing Company is located in Abita Springs, Louisiana. The water from these springs is so clean and pure that Abita Brewing doesn’t need to chemically treat it before using it in their brewing process. How is the water kept so clean? It is drawn from a deep well in the Southern Hills aquifer system that is filled from deep underground structures dating back around five million years. Being so deep underground for such a long period of time has kept this water-free from man-made contaminants including harsh chemicals and metals. 

The water was originally a treasure belonging to the Choctaw Indians settlement for medicinal healing. Legend tells the story of a young Spaniard who married a Choctaw woman. After they were married, the couple moved to New Orleans where the woman fell ill. She was only cured after returning home to the spring. Word of the water’s healing power spread, and more and more settlers flocked to the site, building houses and railroads along the way. In 1903, the two was officially recognized, and there it remains today.  


Green Brewing

Abita Brewing is a proud leader in energy conservation and has been for the past 15 years. The company is the first and only to use the EquiTherm system which uses the heat produced in the brewing process to heat up their water. This amazing system eliminates the need for biogas. 

In addition to their state-of-the-art system, Abita Brewing also operates its own wastewater treatment plant to generate energy through a Bio-Energy Recovery System (BERS). The strength and volume of the wastewater is reduced, and their own “biogas” is created that is used to fuel the company’s boilers. 


Charitable Brews

Abita Brewing Company has seven brews dedicated to giving back to the communities that need it most. These brews donate a portion of the profits to various charities in the area including the Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation, St. Joseph’s Abbey and Seminary College, Abita Springs Tourist Park, the Louisiana Restaurant Association’s Employee Relief Fund, the Louisiana Craft Brewers Guild, and the Camp Fire Relief Fund to aid those impacted by the Camp Fire. Abita has been dedicated to helping those in need, and its famous brews are helping the company make a difference one bottle at a time. 

If you’re looking for a brewery with historic roots, a dedicated team, and a giving culture look no further than Abita Brewing Company. With over 30 different brews you’ll be sure to find something you love. 

Artifact Cider Project is ‘Taking Flight’: All About Artifact Cider Project

Artifact Cider Project is ‘Taking Flight’: All About Artifact Cider Project

Artifact Cider Project is all about brewing high-quality, distinctive ciders using apples from the Northeast. Using these apples, Artifact Cider Project strives to make unique cider flavors unlike any other on the market. You must be careful when you fall in love with a cider from Artifact because their brews come in limited quantities and are only available while supplies last. 

The ciders currently available are:

By Any Other Name: This dry, pink, and crisp cider has sweet floral aromas. Perfectly paired with brunch, dinner, and all the hours in between, this cider is sure to become a staple in your home for as long as you can get your hands on it. 

Wild Thing: This crisp and tart cider is crafted with 100% McIntosh apples. Infused with exotic aromas, Wild Thing has a balanced finish that will leave you wanting more. Better stock up while you can!

Feels Like Home: Feels Like Home is a New England Style cider fermented on run-soaked oak and blended with fresh juice. This cider delivers a warm and cozy feeling that is perfect for fall and winter. It may not last until then, so don’t wait to get some!

You can find Artifact Cider Project brews in many New England restaurants, bars, and retail locations. To find the location nearest you, and to see what brews are currently available, visit the company website here:

Artifact is very active on social media and love to hear from happy customers. Find them on Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr at @artifactcider, and on Twitter at @ArtifactCider.

Wicked Weed Brewing

It all started with Luke and Walt Dickinson, who sat down with their friend Ryan Guthy and his parents Rick and Denise “at the Guthy’s house in the mountains of Western North Carolina to taste Luke and Walt’s creations while discussing ideas and strategies for what would become Wicked Weed Brewing.” After the idea started in 2009 between the brothers, they began brewing their business plan, and that’s where they started in 2011 with the Guthy’s, and after tasting the test brews, research, and “soul-searching” they came together to start the company.

Starting their journey at their new home for their brewery at 91 Biltmore Avenue, a former hardware store. After a few years, Anheuser-Busch became a partner of Wicked Weed Brewing but worry not, “Wicked Weed’s original founders enjoy the same independent freedom and control over their recipes and brand development they’ve had since being founded in 2012.”

Wicked Weed is “focused on drinkability and boundary-pushing recipes. Wicked Weed Brewing will always evolve, always grow, and always aspire to be better.” Another interesting aspect of their brews is their unique branding and designs of their bottles and cans. Find a few of them, such as Lieutenant Dank and Reccurant today: